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LJ Fiduciary proudly celebrated three decades of service earlier this year!

Mon, 08 Nov 2021

LJ Fiduciary proudly celebrated three decades of service earlier this year. Rob Burton, Partner and Head of Trust & Fiduciary takes time to reflect on some of the key events that have happened over the years for Business 365 magazine.

"LJ Fiduciary celebrated 30 years in business earlier this year. I have been here for over 24 years of that journey, and it came and went in what feels like the blink of an eye. But a great deal has happened over the years, and there are some key events that really made a difference

The firm was founded by the late Charles Cain in 1991 and quickly established itself as a leading Isle of Man based corporate and trust services provider. In the early 2000s, his son Edward Cain fresh out of JP Morgan, joined the board and steered a course for expansion. By 2004, our Isle of Man office had doubled in size, and in that year, we established our Swiss office, based out of Neuchatel. We enjoyed rapid expansion and our Swiss office grew from two employees to 18 employees within three years. New staff, new clients and tremendous energy in and around the business during the 2000s saw us build to a complement of over 40 employees and a truly worldwide client base.

We had the platform and expertise across our offices to provide solutions to a wide range of clients and their interests. Then in 2010 we opened an office in Singapore, catering to the needs of our clients in South East Asia.

In 2012 the firm opened a new and significant chapter when it became part of Alvarium. The combination of our business with Alvarium was highly symbiotic, allowing us to retain our people and culture on the one hand, and on the other to further expand and develop the business and ultimately to serve our clients better.  

In 2015 we brought the Alvarium Private Office team based in London into the Fiduciary offering from the Isle of Man and Switzerland and created what is now the Family
Office services division.

Since 2012, we have grown our corporate offering working very closely with our colleagues in Alvarium, both in London and in its 11 other offices around the world, to develop and maintain efficient and effective structures to assist with the direct investment opportunities generated by Alvarium Private Markets, and to support the diverse requirements of clients of  Alvarium Wealth Management.

It has been an exceptional story of growth and achievement, in no small part down to the amazing, intelligent and hardworking team members we’ve been lucky enough to employ over the years. Our teams across the business today are remarkable in their talent and dedication and it is they who in large part give me great optimism for the continued success of the business. To all of them, past and present, I give my warm thanks.

While our firm has grown significantly, we remain true to our original caring ethos. We focus on building long-term relationships with clients and we measure our success on how we help them to achieve their professional and personal objectives. Our clients and their advisers treat us as true partners and I want to thank all of them for their loyalty, support and the trust they place in us."

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