Maintaining financial structures that function across different jurisdictions can be a challenge. At LJ Fiduciary, we have a wealth of experience in that field.

Trust Services and the Isle of Man.

The Isle of Man offers wealthy families a politically stable, well-regulated and practical base in which to establish wealth and business succession planning structures.

A Trust can be a popular choice for estate and succession planning, administering family assets and wealth. It may often be used with underlying companies.

Simply put, a Trust is a legal arrangement where the ownership of the “Settlor’s” assets (such as property, shares or cash) is transferred to the “Trustee” to hold and manage for the benefit of third parties known as the “Beneficiaries” under the terms of a Trust Deed.

A Trust can provide flexibility, as it can set out terms on how and when assets may be distributed after the death of the Settlor; often without burdening the beneficiary with the weight of responsibility that immediate wealth inheritance can bring.

LJ Fiduciary can arrange for the settlement of Trusts in a multitude of jurisdictions and can provide assistance with the registration of several types of trust structure including - but not limited to - Discretionary Trusts, Life Interest Trusts, Purpose Trusts and Charitable Trusts.

We can also assist with the creation of Private Trust Companies (PTC) for clients seeking to establish and manage their own trust company, usually with the assistance of family members and their trusted advisers.

Trust law in the Isle of Man has its roots firmly in English law and is based upon common law principles.

Our Trust services include:

  • Trust Establishment and Administration
  • Provision of Trustee Services
  • Trust Administration Services
  • Accounting, Tax and Financial Services